Health and Safety Policy
  • We are committed to provide a safe working environment by maintaining high standards of safety during Project Execution. We recognize that occupational Safety and Health of our employees are of paramount importance and this will be accomplished by the involvement of all Employees and Vendors.
  • HEPC ensures that personnel working on the electrical project are provided with all required PPEs / safety gears like – Shoes, Safety belt, Helmet, Glows, Welding glass, Screen glass, etc.
  • It is a practice to provide Fire Extinguisher ( Suitable for Electrical Fire ), shock treatment chart, and First aid box at every site.
Probable risks at site are managed through –
  • Anticipating all work hazards and ensures that all safeguards are utilized.
  • Ensures that all employees are properly trained and instructed for the safe operation of electrical equipment and aware of all hazards associated with the use of these electrical devices.
  • Follow the company’s electrical safety policies and procedures.
  • Identify and rectify the potential hazardous situations such as discrepancies between instruction, procedures, policies and manual, faulty equipment, misapplication of device, etc.
  • Store all equipment and tackles in good condition.
  • Ensure the use of PPEs
  • Ensure proper tagging or locking switching devices while working.
  • Ensuring all temporary power connections are to be backed by necessary protective devices as ELCB’S MCB’S etc.
  • We insure every employee through Group Personal Policy, Workers Compensation Policy, E. S. I. C. and P. F.